Tuesday, April 27, 2010

New stuff from Wilde Imagination plus free shipping!

Be sure to head over to Wilde Imagination to check out the new additions to the catalog. If you see something you like, enter SPRING10 at checkout will give you free shipping on orders of $75 or more (SPRING10INT for international orders will give you $9.95 towards shipping).

The new items I've found:

  • Essential Prudence, Too Wigged Out. A new basic doll is lovely, with inset eyes.
  • Seven new dressed dolls: six Ellowynes (including lots of red hair shades) and a new Prudence, who is just too cute.
  • Four new outfits with great new style. They look incredibly detailed.
  • Lots of new accessories: you must check out the boots.
  • Two new vinyl dresssed Evangeline Ghastly dolls and one new resin dressed Evangeline
  • Tons of new outfits for Evangeline, lots of wonderful items. I wonder if she can share clothes with any of my BJDs. Her outfits are just lovely! I love the green one.
  • Don't forget to check out Evangeline's new shoes and wigs. Just lovely!
Photos courtesy of Wilde Imagination.


  1. WoW! OMG :) new collection is beautiful! Thanks for news.

  2. prudence is too cute! cannot help ordering one immediately!

  3. Have you handled any of these dolls in person? The ellowyne with inset eyes is really gorgeous and I just love all the clothing!

  4. Shugashug, I've seen lots in person, though I haven't handled them. Especially the dolls with inset eyes are my favorites, and the clothing quality is excellent. Plus, some smaller sized MSD dolls can share ellowyne's clothing!

  5. I just bought the new Ellowyne dressed in jeans with red hair. sigh...LOVE all of them!
    Aquabluerose XX

  6. Oooh--fantastic! I cannot wait to see your awesome photos of this new Ellowyne! :)


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