Friday, April 2, 2010

Lost in the Woods

Lost in the Woods, originally uploaded by alington.
My Peak's Woods girls all together:

Goldie, normal skin, small bust: Glib acrylic eyes, PW raven wig; gown, necklace, enhanced lashes and body blushing by me. Factory face-up (the recent kind).

Sky, white skin, large bust: glass eyes by Cutie Angel, Leeke wig (Lacey), outfit by Nankatts, enhanced eyelashes and body blushing by me. Older factory face-up.

Wake-Up Cue (Anastasia), white skin, large bust: acrylic eyes, Cutie Angel wig, outfit is Pure Red by DollHeart, face-up and enhanced lashes are artist's work from Boutique Doll.

If I could only collect one brand of doll, it would be Peak's Woods. I adore these girls. They stand 58 cm (about 23") tall.

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  1. YOU ARE SO LUCKY!!! I love Peak's Woods and those are three of my favorites! I think Goldie is my favorite. She looks innocent, yet mischievous and very cunning.


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