Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Ultimate Glamour Ashleigh on sale!

If you've been thinking about a fashion model/Tonner BJD, check out Ultimate Glamour Ashleigh, the exclusive Tonner fashion BJD from Two Daydreamers. She's currently on sale for just $374.99 (marked down from $599.99 retail), which is quite a deal, only through April 30.

She's a limited edition of 75 dolls, includes the faux-wrap knit dress with beaded collar, painted eyes (not inset ones), shoes, hose, bracelet, and two wigs. Plus, she can share a wardrobe with Tyler Wentworth. She has eleven standard joints and three pairs of ball joints, applied eyelashes, and a hand-painted face-up.

Photo courtesy of Tonner Doll.


  1. :) i love your blog. everything message on time. but, ive got at short time Sydney BJD! :) i love her. Just tommarow I bring her photos on my blog. best wishes Alison.
    my blog is here www.joern7.pinger.pl
    and, as You maybe know, sometimes i link to Your photos to flirck. I hope that You will not be mad.. :)
    apologise for my enlish... ;/

  2. Thanks for your comment and your visit! :) I like the Sydney BJD, too. (She's one of my favorite Tonner sculpts anyway!)

    You're more than welcome to my photos on Flickr--anything to help a fellow doll enthusiast and blogger. ;)

    I checked out your blog, and it's lovely! Are both those Glindas yours? You have Blue Skies and Embassador in Pink? Those two were on my holy grail list forever! They are so wonderful together--just beautiful!

  3. Thanks for everything.
    Yes, I have 2 Glindas.
    Blue Skies Glinda and Embassador in Pink Glinda, i love them :)
    I am red on my face - thank You :)))
    On my wish list is TONNER RE-IMAGINATION CYNDERS ... and i like many dolls that You have in your collections. Too many to say ;) They really the best!


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