Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Important notice to all doll collectors!

This item I came across today, and it's really essential reading for every doll collector out there. We are really doing a patriotic duty to our country, especially in this time of patriotic crisis, with our doll collections. Be sure you visit Random Doll Blathering's website post, and see her valuable points on why we should consider Deficit Spending when it comes to buying dolls. She's very persuasive!

(Like I was getting my credit card out of my wallet just now...)



  1. Your posts are cracking me up! It really is a sickness/addiction, isn't it? Must be in the genes.

  2. It is in the genes! My daughter (who is 9) has it, too, which is actually great. The I can extend my "doll budget" to the toy budget also. Sneaking them into the house every way I can! :)


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