Saturday, April 17, 2010

Tired of waiting for your dolls to arrive?

Tired of waiting for your dolls to arrive? Are manufacturer's delays to their previously announced scheduled sheer torture for you? You might fall under the class of "The Impatient Doll Collector"! This blog post might be just what you need!

Check it out at The Doll Addiction, over at DOLLS Magazine. Let me know what you think! Do you have techniques that make the time fly by? What are your favorites?


  1. I'm not that impatient but currently having a bit of a nightmare with Domuya. I ordered and paid in full for a doll in early December... waited... waited.... the website kept saying "Processing". So I started asking what was going on via the "Contact us" feature on their website... never got a reply...

    Eventually I found another direct email address and got a reply, my order had been "over-looked"!!! They said they would have the doll in the mail within a fortnight and that was about 24 days ago. Their latest contact says the doll is made and just waiting to be packed... fingers crossed.

    I know we all make mistakes but I'm getting really jittery, the only thing that's keeping me from total panic is that a lot of other people seem to have good experiences with this company.

  2. I find that having a fellow doll-collector friend keep you company while you wait is helpful. She won't tease you for your anxiousness because she can understand the agony you're going through! Sometimes, she can even provide some activities, conversation and comic relief to pass the time. :)

  3. Wow, Yve! That's a scary thing to have happen. I would have just kept waiting also. I hope your doll comes soon. I know Domuya has a great reputation, so I'm sure it will. And I know mistakes happen, but it sucks when they happen to YOU.

    Jen, you're absolutely right! And if she's a great friend, she might even stalk the UPS man with you, once you've received a shipping notice! ;)


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