Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Brand new art doll magazine = fabulous!

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Be sure to check out this brand new online magazine, Much Ado. It's a fantastic collaborative work by a group of doll artists, filled with gorgeous dolls, photography, tips, discussions and projects. My two top articles so far are the photography tips article (it's so my style!) and the article about copying art dolls versus original art.

If you like the publication, be sure to

  • visit the sponsoring advertisers and 
  • give the magazine a five-star rating. You'll have to sign up for a free account to do this. But it's worth it!

Visit Yves's website, Freaky Little Dolls, as well, and subscribe.


  1. Thanks for featuring Much ADO here and for your lovely review!. It's so fantastic to know that people are enjoying the ezine :o)

  2. PS: Just bought a white skin PW Sky... all your fault ;o)

  3. Of course! It's really an inspiring magazine. I love it! Be sure to let me know when you post again. :)

    And mwwwwhahahahah! You'll love Sky. She's awesome. :)

  4. And if you don't love her, I bet you know where she will end up, LOL! ;)


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