Wednesday, September 14, 2011

NEW! The Podcast!

All righty then! We've officially made it into the next century with the Fashion Doll Review's first podcast. (And yes, if you've purchased something from my eBay store, I also managed to catch up on all my shipping today as well.)

Anyway, you can have the wonderful ability to hear me say "um" a million times and do a recap of our very first podcast. It was ridiculously fun, I have to admit. I plan to do a weekly one, I hope, but I may not have the ability to store each one, so listen while you can.

Leave me a comment and let me know what you think. But if your comment is, "You sound like you're in Kindergarten," I really don't want to hear it.


  1. Great Podcast. You sounded wonderful!!

  2. Cut yourself some slack, this is your very first podcast.

    You sounded just fine - the "ums" were not that intrusive; you didn't just say, "Um," then stop. You kept going, and that is what mattered.

    You sounded enthusiastic, you were positive and upbeat, AND informative. I feel your pain about not being able to attend the conventions you listed, but I'm relieved, because I don't think those folks would appreciate seeing a grown woman blubber like I would be doing there.

    I certainly CANNOT criticize, especially since my own efforts at public speaking (college presentations) were finished by my needing to allow the cast iron nuclear powered stealth butterflies in my gut a chance to land, before I could take any questions.


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