Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A fashion show for models both human and vinyl

Danielle, wearing a butterfly print tank and black lace shorts.
Here - long overdue - are the photos of my designs in a fashion show at the Annual Strawberry Festival in Vista, California back at the beginning of the summer.

Each model carried a Barbie wearing an outfit inspired by their own. Although I don't think any of these models had ever been asked to carry a Barbie with them down the runway, they really seemed to enjoy it; some even posed their Barbie, or made her wave to the crowd!

A few of the Barbie outfits are still available for sale at my Etsy shop, and some of the clothing the models are pictured in will be posted for sale soon, as well.

Thank you to all of "the girls" - you were fantastic models!

Barbie, wearing a black lace sheath and a waist sash out of the same butterfly print fabric.

Dwitney, wearing an ivory ruffled tunic and black printed leggings.

Barbie, ivory ruffled sheath with black ribbon straps.

Alana, wearing a blue ruffled tank and a cotton, floral print skirt.

Barbie, wearing a blue, sleeveless shift and a mint green ribbon belt.

Mica, wearing a scarf print, one-shoulder tunic and black leggings.

Barbie, wearing a halter gown made out of the same scarf print.

Vanessa, wearing a black and white striped tunic with black leggings.

Barbie, wearing a black and white striped dress of the same fabric.

Traelee, wearing a sequined, peacock print tank and brown vinyl leggings.

Barbie, wearing a peacock print top and brown vinyl leggings of the same fabrics.


  1. Hi Jen, Clothes on the real live models are great~I especially like the cotton floral print skirt. And the Barbies were such a cute touch!


  2. Any chance of more pics, Jen? Lovely work!


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