Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Modern Doll Collector Convention exclusives from Tonner available now

MDCC (Modern Doll Collectors Convention) exclusives are available in limited quantities from TonnerDirect. These are great for fans of Tonner's Cami&Jon™ line. There is a new character, Frankie, who has been introduced.

Two dolls are available:
  • Party of the Year Andy - he is a limited doll of only 50, and retails for $159.99. He is a full dressed doll (Andy Mills sculpt with wigged hair on the 16" Matt body), brown eyes, a stand, and the fancy outfit shown, including his glasses, shoes and socks. He was a centerpiece doll from Tonner's event at MDCC.
  • Party of the Year Frankie - she's the new girl, and is the Fresh Face we saw from IDEX. (She's a miniature DeeAnna Denton.) She is on the 16" Antoinette body with rooted black hair and brown eyes, the cameo skin tone, and a cute ruffled dress (again, we see the bias-edged ruffles) in black, lamé and tulle. She has interesting clear shoes with black flower trim. She's limited to 125 and retails for $159.99.
All photos are property of Tonner Doll Company.

Party of the Year Andy, LE50 $159.99

Party of the Year Frankie, LE125 $159.99

Close-up of Andy's face.
Does anyone out there own this guy? He's pretty cute.

Close up of Frankie. She's lovely!

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  1. I love Frankie's outfit. It's perfect for Halloween!



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