Friday, September 30, 2011

Display issues and fixes - vintage Barbie!

Vintage Barbie shelf by alington
Vintage Barbie shelf, a photo by alington on Flickr.
I thought I'd share a photo of my doll display today, featuring my vintage Barbies. I use the Billy bookcase system from IKEA.

A fellow doll collector, Mario, suggested I use more of the space of the shelf with a riser of some sort, and I think his suggestion was fantastic. (I have to confess, I want all their stands to match now.)

I had my dear hubby cut a few of the extra shelves in half lengthwise (to half the depth of the shelf), and then use extra pieces to make 4" blocks for the new shelf to stand on. They match perfectly, since you can use the outside of the shelf.

Of course, a spice rack or wood block would work, too. And you might consider draping it in fabric or covering it with decorative paper, or just paint for some pizazz.

Now, my vintage girls have much more elbow room. For the curious, here's who is in this display. In the top row:

  • 1965 blonde Swirl in #1660 Evening Gala
  • 1694 Miss Barbie in Red Flare #939 and Silken Flame #977
  • 1963 Fashion Queen in #987 Orange Blossom
  • 1963 Bubble Cut in #947 Bride's Dream
  • 1965 American Girl (blonde) in #1647 Golden Glamour
  • 1966 Lemon Color Magic in #1635 Fashion Editor
  • Walking Jamie (Sears exclusive)
  • 1963 Midge in #983 Enchanted Evening

In the front row:

  • #3 blond ponytail in #969 Suburban Shopper
  • #4 blond ponytail in #1646 Magnificence
  • #5 brunette ponytail in #1667 Benefit Performance
  • 1968 Talking Julia in #1649 Lunch on the Terrace
  • 1969 Marlo Flip TNT Barbie in #1456 Dreamy Blues
  • 1970 Standard Barbie Ash blonde in #3404 Glowin' Out
  • 1968 Talking PJ in her original outfit
  • 1968 Talking Barbie in #1864 Close Ups


  1. Oh, smart! I may use this for setting up my doll room.

  2. Me--I just crammed them all in on one level before. This looks a lot nicer!

    I think you have to be--what's the word I'm looking for? Not 3-D challenged? organized? not apt to get lost every time you leave the house?--to think of stuff like this. ;)

    Now... to work on that pile next to the display cabinet... ;)


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