Friday, January 20, 2012

Ellowyne Wilde has finally won me over!

Lizette Dionne, new Essential Wigged Out doll, photo property of Wilde Imagination.
No, it's not a resin Ellowne Wilde that has won me over, but her brand new friend Lizette! She's available now in three different designs, and you simply must pop over to Wilde Imagination to check her out.

Essential Lizette Wigged Out $119 - includes two wigs and basic lingerie, in the spice skin tone with gorgeous brown eyes.

Lizette - A New Girl in Town $149 - This gorgeous dress doll comes in a lovely off-white tied shirt, shantung skirt with pleated trim, socks, buckled shoes, gloves and Sunday hat.

Pretty Little Lizette $149 - This girl comes in a honey skin tone with a red wig and gorgeous floral print ruffled dress, blue stockings, stripy sandals and faux leather bag.

Through January 31, all Lizette Dionne dolls ship for free within the continental US. International customers may email customer service with the subject LIZETTE and your order number and name, and receive a $9.95 shipping credit, when your order includes at least one Lizette doll.


  1. This will sound silly, but--I love her eyebrows. There's so much expression in the raised right eyebrow that really makes the face come alive.


    Oh NO!
    She's completely fantastic, and I'm at a "selling dolls" place right now because I'm catching up on the bills. Augh. I did NOT need to know about this...

    If they do one with inset eyes, I'm in serious trouble. Is she a new sculpt? Do we know?

    She's so gorgeous...

  3. So which one did you order?



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