Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tonner Doll Company's website overhaul

On January 3, Tonner Doll Company's new and revived website went live. Their new look is clean, modern, and user-friendly. The company has successfully integrated its new social media component with the original website in a way that's easy to use and fun to visit. I just can't wait till the archive is complete!

On the front page of the site welcomes you with a revolving slide show of gorgeous photos--their newest photographer, Ernesto Padró-Campos, adds real life and depth to the already beautiful dolls. The cool blue background offers a relaxing atmosphere, which I find a little too easy for shopping. I also appreciate the use of a sans serif modern font for a cleaner look for the headlines. Additionally, the navigation bar at the top makes the site much easier to get around.

The Community page is the most powerful new addition to the site. It successfully links Tonner's Facebook fan page, their Twitter feed, blog, videos, and even fan photo submissions all in one page. It isn't cluttered, and it's fun to read. Plus, I love that you can get to all the social media from this page (well--except for Doll Duels, but that's really a separate space for artists).

You'll also notice that the contact page has been updated with a Google map to the company store and doll hospital, in addition to the corporate office. The contact form looks updated and clean. Plus there is new button for customer support--though I haven't had the need to try it yet.

The one thing I notice is missing (besides the Sistine Chapel ceiling) is a direct link to TonnerDirect exclusives, sales, warehouse finds, and convention specials in the Shop Collections section--not that that's my favorite section to shop, or anything! On the same page, I've noticed there are a two outdated photos: as Idyllic Antoinette, and Artemis, in the DC Stars photo. I'm sure these items will be updated soon, however, and they don't detract from the overall beauty of the site.

I'm thrilled with how the new site looks and feels, and hope the Tonner staff is proud and relieved at its release. I also hope Tonner fans are pleased with it. Change can be hard sometimes--especially technological change for doll people--though I admit I'm one of the first to embrace it. Now all we have to do is fix Blogger's comment system!

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  1. I really like the new site too. I find it much easier to navigate than the old one. And I will be looking forward to the completion of the archive as well!

    Beth P.
    Lisle, IL


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