Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Four New Monster High dolls available tomorrow at Angelic Dreamz!

Photo property of Angelic Dreamz.
Four new freaky fabulous Monster High girls will be available tomorrow morning sometime before noon EST at Angelic Dreamz. You can check out real-life photos of these new dolls today at the Angelic Dreamz website!

The dolls are $29.99 each.

First up is Toralei Stripe, the leader of the Werecats. She's wearing shredded leggings, a sassy striped tunic, a jacket. I like her cute pee-toe boots, and her cute sabertooth kitty pet! This doll is limited to two per household.

2012 Cleo De Nile is looking great with her adorable Egyptian style. My problem with this sculpt has been that her eyes often seem wall-eyed, since her face is a more angled than some of the other sculpts. This problem seems fixed with this new version.

New addition Operetta is a musical character who includes a coffin-shaped guitar. She has a pin-up girl vibe with her red curls and denim capris. This doll is limited to one per household.

Nefera De Nile is finally making her own stylish debut as Cleo's older sister. I'm in love with her aqua hair and lips. She includes a scarab beetle friend--eeeew! This girl is also limited to one per household.

I'm sure these dolls will be hard to find--and don't forget to check out Angelic Dreams deal of the day. It changes every hour.


  1. Operetta and Nefer are already sold out on there, however they said the sale starts tom...

  2. According to the sales letter Angelic Dreamz sent out on the 10th, the dolls would be in stock today. They indeed might have sold out already!

    (I noticed the top URL noted a different arrival date, but I figured AD is pretty good with email sales!)

  3. love operetta and toralei!


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