Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Tonner's new website launches today!

Tonner Doll Company's new website launches today at 4 PM EST! Please be aware that TonnerDirect will be closed down at 2 PM for maintenance at at 2 PM EST in preparation for this debut.

According to Tonner, the following email was sent out to subscribers to ease the transition:

You will get to choose a new password on our new site, even if you're already registered on our current site.  It's super-duper easy!  Follow these instructions:
  • Go to our new site:  www.tonnerdoll.com (on or after the Launch Day, of course!)
  • In the upper right hand corner near the TD shopping bag, click LOG ON.  
  • Enter the email that you use to sign on to the old site.
  • Click I FORGOT MY PASSWORD.  Now, an email will be sent to you with a link that you must click.  Clicking this link will take you back to the new site, where you'll get to reset your password!  Easy as 123!  
  • Now, peruse the new site, enjoy the brand NEW hub for all things Tonner, and shop your little vinyl heart out!
 Please note that any bookmarks you have saved on your web browser will not be valid, as the data will no longer live at that spot on the Internet!  Don't worry, it has a much better home...  
The first time you visit our NEW website, please allow it a few moments to load on your screen, as the change-over will not exactly be instantaneous.  You see, your web browser will be so ecstatic to show you our NEW site that in it's excitement, there may be a slight delay before it gets itself together and displays the page.  We blame the machine.

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