Thursday, January 5, 2012

Couture Doll Design Challenge is starting its fourth season!

Attention, all doll clothing designers:

Couture Doll Design Challenge (CDDC) is starting season 4 on February 4, and it's time for your chance to enter as a contestant!

A major change this year is that there will be three categories for competition: beginner, intermediate, and professional. That's a fantastic idea, so you can compete in your level, and have a chance to win.

If you're interested, check out CDDC's website and send in a short biography and a few photos of your work! Let me know if you're competing, and I can root for you, too.


  1. It's a very good idea and a fair one to divide the levels of entries. I'm looking forward to following the contest.

  2. Yes, I love the idea of breaking them down into groups. Makes it much more fair for everyone interested.
    I guess I'd count as being intermediate based on their website, but I'm not really keen on their only allowing commercial patterns for beginners. While I have drafter my own patterns, I still use commercial patterns for the most part and adapt them as need be.


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