Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Notes on various eBay posts...

Yesterday was my birthday, and I spent a lot of the day wasting it online. I was browsing eBay--you know, research--and I came across some eBay auctions that were interesting to me as a collector and enthusiast.
  • Probably the best deal ever, listed at just $109 for a starting bid: 


    The photo, however is for a single doll. I believe her name might be Io.
  • Interesting information about this lovely In Bloom nude Antoinette, and not so funny, which is that she has a stain around her ankles from her blue pantyhose. I haven't had a doll with dark hose stain for at least a year. Is it because I'm in a desert climate? Any other experience with this doll?
  • Fun stuff with new real-life photos of the lovely Allure Antoinette--I loved her promos, but wow! She is gorgeous!
  • The new In The City Dynamite Girls are showing up on eBay... keeping in mind these girls retail for $60, here is You Sexy Thing Jasper starting at $125, Mighty Real Reese at $80 (she's adorable!), and Good Times Dayle starting at $80. As of this post, Hot Stuff Cruz is at $109.49.
  • You'll be able to see fashion shots of Poppy on FDR soon, but if you can't wait, here's Foto Fab and Perfectly Purple. Hit Single Darla Daley is an adorable surprise as well.
  • OMG--It's Ready, Steady, Go Poppy Parker! 11 hours left and still $175!


  1. 1. LOL, yes, indeed, her name IS Io. Maybe the seller is heavily into binary?

    2. Sometimes, stains happen. I have a Crimson on Park Tyler Wentworth (second sculpt) who has red stains under her arms from her dress. No one else I know who has that doll has reported the same problem, sigh.

    3. Allure is a GORGEOUS girl, you are exactly right. My bank account's sobbing fit continues unabated.

    4. I know nothing about Dynamite Girls, since I don't collect that scale of doll anymore. However, they are little cutie pies, and it does not seem like anything out of the ordinary that they would be so much in demand that the prices would go up.

    5. Poppy Parker is a 1:6 scale doll that might tempt me to collect at least a FEW dolls in that scale again. Ravens, Integrity - THAT is what would sell this doll to me!

    6. See above.

  2. Alison,I was hoping that someone would comment on the Hit Single Darla, she looks so cute in the Ebay pictures. This is my first post on The Fashion Doll Review, please forgive me if I get this all messed up.I've also been watching Ebay and trying to keep up on Poppy Parker. I wasn't sure about the new ones until I saw the actual pictures of them,not the promo pics, and now I just love them. Perfectly Purple is darling.....

  3. Welcome, Roberta! Nice to see you here!

    And wait till next week's meet--you can see both Purple and Fab in person! :) (Hit Single, also--she's really sweet!)


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