Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Perfectly Purple Poppy Parker

When it rains it pours. Yesterday I received three new dolls from the Poppy Parker line. The first is Perfectly Purple and she is Mary Tyler Moore all the way! I love her. The suit is darling and check out the details on her shoes. The only part of her outfit I don't like are those odd three-part white gloves. This Poppy was a limited edition of 400 (which sold out quickly) and was part of the mainline 2011 collection. She has green forward-facing eyes and medium-length brown hair. Just darling...


  1. A beautiful, beautiful girl! LOL, though I DARE you to try to say Perfectly Purple Poppy Parker 10 times fast, and see what sort of knots you tie your tongue into! XD

  2. Ack! She's beautiful--and great photos, Kathie!

  3. the doll is stunning!!! and the shoes are soooo cute!

  4. Wow, beautiful doll! Foto is great!

  5. Hello from spain, i love your purple poppy parker. The clothes and the bag is gorgerous. The shoes are very original. Keep in touch

  6. What a darling! Thanks for the pictures. My big problem is which Poppy Parker I like best, which ones I just have to have, and which ones I can afford?????!!!!! What to do, what to do!


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