Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Tonner's new releases part I

Whee! This perhaps isn't news for those of you on Marl & B's mailing list, but I still wanted to wait for the rest of Tonner's releases to post to FDR. Of course, I have an appointment right now, if you're reading this at noon, so I'm actually missing the actual new release, but I do have some news for you now.

Update: I'm back, and I'm updating the prices and details of the dolls now.

First--a few movie releases from Tim Burton.

Above, Tim Burton's Corpse Bride Doll - Emily. Limited to 500, this doll uses the Monica Merrill head sculpt in a whole new way. She also uses the curvaceous body, lily skin tone, has blue saran hair and blue inset eyes. She's due to ship in later February. Retail $224.99.

Next, Tim Burton's Ms. Beetlejuice Doll also uses a lily toned Monica Merrill sculpt with the 16" curvaceous body. She has inset green/gray eyes, pale green rooted hair (not blonde--I think I might need this doll), and a fabulous outfit. She's in stock and retails for $224.99, and she's limited to 500.

DC Stars - 22" Batgirl 2012 - she uses the cameo skin tone on the 22" American Model body and head sculpt with inset blue acrylic eyes and rooted flame red hair. Her outfit is pretty fabulous--I can't wait to see her in person. She's gorgeous. She limited to only 150, and her retail is $324.99. She's due in mid March.

Star Sapphire is a Hermoine Granger head sculpt on a heroic 16" Tyler-tone body, with painted lavender eyes and raven hair. She includes two pairs of hands (one pair of painted gloves). Her outfit is pretty amazing, too. She's limited to 500, she'll be available to order on February 1 with shipping TBD. Retail is about $149.99.

Two new heroines are available from Marvel - Elektra uses the Renée Devereaux head sculpt on the 16" heroic body, with raven hair and brown eyes. She includes two knives, as well. She's limited to 300. Shipping to be announced, and retail $159.99.

Black Cat uses the Breathless head sculpt on a cameo 16" heroic body with blue eyes and blonde hair. She includes a black vinyl jumpsuit with faux fur trim. She also includes two pairs of hands (one gloved). She's due to ship in late March with a retail price of $159.99. Limited to 300.

I'll be updating shipping and pricing information shortly. As always--order these dolls from your favorite Tonner Doll dealer! (Sheesh--sorry about that earlier typo!)

Photos property of Tonner Doll Company.


  1. Hello from Spain: these dolls are very original. The picture of the doll in the snow was very interesting. I guess It would really cold. In Spain it is not usually snows in winter. I love long haired doll that gave you your brother. Enjoy her and keep in touch

  2. HG head sculpt: Hermione Granger?

    Elektra carries sai, not knives. Since Tonner is supposed to be a big comic book fan, I hope this gets rectified.

    Your link which I presume is supposed to go to Dreamcastle Dolls goes to some sex website.

  3. Love Shadow Cat's face-up.



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