Wednesday, March 21, 2012

American Model - New Releases

Tonner has also released several new 22" dolls and fashions today. All of these dolls are available for preorder.

Limited to 250, the new Glamour Basic doll is wigged, and she uses the Cameo skin tone, has blue inset eyes and applied lashes, and includes a strawberry saran wig with bangs. She includes lovely pink organza lingerie, hose and heels. She retails for $159.99.

No photo is available yet for the American Model Deluxe Goth Basic. She is limited to 250 and retails for $199.99. She uses the Lily skin tone and has blue inset eyes, and includes both a raven wig with bangs and a silver wig with bangs. Her outfit will include an off-white net and ribbed cotton corset with lace trim, matching bloomers, and over-the-knee stockings. She'll also include boots with side zip.

Three new outfits have also been released for the American Model line:

Magickal is limited to 150 and retails for $159.99. (Could that be the new Deluxe Goth Basic modeling?) The outfit includes a gorgeous cotton muslin gown, hand dyed, ombré style and a faux leather harness. Very steampunk!

Another steampunk fashion is Divine Feminine, a gorgeous blue cotton muslin gown, also hand-dyed. This outfit includes a matching crinoline, faux leather harness and leather bag. It's limited to 150 and retails for $159.99.

Rococo fans weren't disappointed this release with the 22" Court Gown outfit. (I need it for my collection!) The outfit is limited to 100 and retails for $249.99. (Yikes!) The gown is gorgeous--pink satin with embroidery, flowers, lace and bows, and and included petticoat. It includes a feathered hat, pale blonde wig, pearl drop earrings, and slip-on shoes. A necklace is shown, but I'm not sure it's included.

Shipping dates are to be confirmed for these items.

Can I just say how excited I am for Tonner Con?

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