Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Imperium Park™ by Wilde Imagination

Theodora Curiosity Bennett by Imperium Park (Wilde Imagination)

Wilde Imagination has released its new doll and fabulous steam punk doll line, Imperium Park. You can qualify for free shipping when you use the code PARK (PARKINT for a $9.95 shipping credit for international customers) on your order, this week only (expires March 19).

There are two new characters:

Thea: 16" vinyl and hard plastic, rooted hair, 12 points of articulation with painted eyes (she shares Ellowyne's body and clothing). Her face reminds me a little of a scaled-up (fashion) Revlon doll.

  • Basic Thea has brown rooted hair, blue eyes, is dressed in striped Victorian under lovelies, and limited edition of 350, retail $99. 
  • Theodora Curiosity Bennett is the dressed doll, $165, LE500, will ship April 20th. She has rooted auburn curls and brown eyes, and includes a blouse, pleather vest with gold buttons, matching belt and holster, skirt with overlays and taffeta trim, petticoat with organza trim, tights, boots, and antique gold jewelry.

Phin: 17" tall vinyl and hard plastic.

  • Basic Phin
  • includes a raven wig (glued) and painted eyes, one-piece striped underclothing. $99, edition size not stated.
  • Phineas Jules Bennett includes a brown wig, painted green eyes, and is dressed in a terrific striped buttoned shirt, twill pants with pleather appliqué, matching pleather vest and belt, golden shoulder guard, pouch, arm band, leg wraps, cuff, chest strap, and holster. He also includes a faux gun, sicls and sjpes/ He is limited to 500 and is listed at $185. He will ship April 10.
Phineas Jules Bennett from Imperium Park (Wilde Imagination)

Three additional outfits have also been released:

Air Ship Escape - $140, LE500, ship date April 10
Military Theory - $140, LE500, ship date April 10
Air Ship Captain - $140, LE500, ship date April 10
Clockwork Hypthesis - $140, LE500, ship date April 10
Be sure to check out the Apothecary Case and the sets available, too!

Also, for you non-Ellowyne collectors--some slim MSD girls (at least) have been known to been able to fit into these clothing. I'm excited to see these lines, and hope the details live up to these delicious promotional photos!

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  1. These are some cool dolls and outfits, that's for sure!


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