Wednesday, March 21, 2012

New Cami & Jon from Tonner Doll

Several new and fabulous Cami & Jon dolls and outfits have also been released today. These dolls are available for pre-order.

Cami Basic is limited to 600, $109.99, and includes inset blue eyes in the Cameo skin tone. Cami arrives  in yellow lingerie, and a removable brown wig with a center part.

Jon Basic is in the Honey skin tone, limited to 400, with blue eyes and a raven center part wig. She retails for $109.99, and includes the same yellow jersey lingerie as Cami Basic.

Soho Sheer, LE300 $169.99, is a rooted curled (not wavy!) Cami with painted blue eyes in the Cameo skin tone. She includes a pretty 1970s era silver lamé slip dress and chiffon tank dress, sheer hose, beaded necklace and bracelet, gladiator boots.

Skyline, LE300 $189.99, is a rooted crimped hair Cami with painted green eyes in the Cameo skin tone. She is wearing a sleeveless red dress with a cowl neckline, black coat, and black boots and earrings.

Steamfunk Cami, LE300 $169.99, is an inset green eyed Cameo skin tone girl with a medium brown wig with bangs. She's wearing a faux leather dress with faux studs, an eye patch, gauntlets, hose with attached panties, and tall brown boots.

All Business, LE300 $189.99, is a Honey skin tone Jac with brown painted eyes and rooted brown hair in a ponytail. She is dressed in a silver ruffled lace dress over an off-white tank dress, with a printed brocade coat. She has studded strappy sandals, earrings and a necklace.

Deep Pink Dream, LE300 $99.99, is a gorgeous fuchsia off-shoulder gown with chiffon accents, including black gauntlets, black rhinestone earrings and pink satin pumps.

New York Jet, LE300 $124.99, includes a fun black cocktail dress, short black wig with bangs, black rhinestone necklace and bracelet, and strappy sandals with organza trim.

Dynamic Red, LE300 $109.99, is a run sleeveless dress with black shoulder straps, red duffle jacket, knit hood with faux leather trim and black over-the-knee boots.

City Shoes are a set of vinyl shoes for Andy Mills or Matt O'Neill - a set of 3 pairs in grey, black and brown. $19.99, open edition.

Shipping dates are to be determined on these items.

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