Wednesday, March 21, 2012

New Antoinette releases from Tonner Doll

New basic and dressed Antoinette dolls and outfits have been released by Tonner Doll today. Shipping dates are still to be established.

The new basic dolls retail for $89.99 and are limited to 500 each. They are made in the Cameo skin tone and have the same jersey lingerie and a stand, and have side-parted straight hair. Antoinette Blonde Basic has brown eyes, Raven Basic has blue eyes, and the Redhead Basic has grey eyes.

Flourish is a brand new dressed doll, limited to 300 and retails for $199.99. She is dressed in a fun pink-on-pink striped gown with a beaded belt, oversized silk flower hat, and rectangular gem earrings. She has painted brown eyes and golden hair in an updo. I love her eye makeup, with bright blue liner on her waterline.

Desire is an outfit that looks like a miniature version of Belladonna. It's a black bustier with attached sleeves and a layered skirt. It includes a ribbon choker, lace gauntlets, cocktail hat, and short boots. Limited to 150, $109.99.

Sparkling, limited to 300 and retailing at $99.99, is a lovely strapless dress, and shining swing coat. Accessories include silver gloves, strappy sandals, beaded necklaces and silver earrings.

Winterberry is a classic monochromatic red outfit which includes a red wool jersey suit jacket, slim skirt, faux leather belt, tights, satin boots, purse, knit hat, and gold earrings. The outfit is limited to 300 and retails at $99.99.


  1. These new basics are really cute! I especially like the picture of the blonde. It looks like Tonner really went all out with the design of the outfits, too. He must REALLY be feeling creative, and I am SOO glad he is letting loose!

  2. I was thinking so, too!

    My one disappointment is that there were no releases for Tyler. But he did just release the Nu Mood collection--and Tonner Con is coming up. So I wonder if there will be new stuff then.

    With the new release of Precarious--that must have been a lot of creative energy in the making. I love the color and "activity" of the collection. :)


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