Tuesday, March 6, 2012

What's in a name?

With Tonner's latest release, it was hard for some of us more obsessive collectors not to notice a couple of the names of the latest released outfits.

Radical Red is the name of one of the Cami & Jon outfits, which is shipping now, and is shoe above. (It also includes a red polka-dot cardigan, not shown in the promotional photo.)  Simply lovely.

The name was very familiar to me--so I happened to find another doll, Radical Red Tyler Wentworth, original released in 2005. (Samantha's Dolls still has this doll in stock, according to their website.) This ever-classic Tyler is also wearing a red delightful cocktail dress with cardigan.

The American Model outfit released this year, Belladonna, (and shipping soon) features a dramatic combination of cascading skirt and puffed sleeve corset. The lace, lamé, chiffon and netting add to the drama of this gothic outfit.

Belladonna Sydney Chase is a dressed doll from 2008. She has similar long auburn hair. While Sydney's outfit is a different color and style than the American Model outfit, you can see an homage to the silhouette. She's still available on eBay and also listed in stock at Pat and Billy's Dolls and Bears

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