Wednesday, March 21, 2012

DeeAnna Denton is back!

That will teach us to gossip--DeeAnna Denton and Peggy Harcourt are back in a brand new way, dressed and basic editions (now wigged), with new outfits to share with the Curvy Nu Mood dolls, Bettie and Paige. These dolls can be ordered from your favorite Tonner dealers. I've provided estimated arrival dates as available.

I Love DeeAnna, LE300 $174.99, is a dressed doll on a 16" curvaceous body, with rooted platinum hair, blue eyes with rooted eyelashes. This gorgeous girl is dressed in a lilac dotted Swiss day dress, complete with gloves and pearls.

Lunch on Park, LE300 $174.99, is a new version of Peggy Harcourt on the curvaceous 16" body. She has painted brown eyes with applied lashes and rooted copper hair. She comes in a twill suit trimmed with "fur" and a mauve ribbon. Her estimated arrival is April 20, 2012.

Wigged Basic DeeAnna Denton, LE500 $99.99, includes the wigged auburn doll with painted blue eyes. She's wearing a classic navy swimsuit. Totally reminiscent of Brenda Starr--I love her!

Peggy Harcourt Wigged Basic, LE500 $99.99, is a platinum wigged version with painted blue eyes. She includes black lingerie and a half slip.

For you fashion collectors, DeeAnna's New Look, LE200 $109.99, is a must have outfit. Based on Dior's New Look, this one-piece dress has a taffeta bodice and net skirt, rhinestone belt, rhinestone earrings, and black sling backs.

Red Hot DeeAnna, LE200 $84.99, includes a red fitted dress, leopard print wrap, matching gloves and pumps, black rhinestone necklace and matching earrings. This outfit is now in stock!

Banker's Ball, LE200 $109.99, tea-length tissue taffeta and embroidered net in classic ivory and black, with floral shoulder detail. Includes black gloves and peep toes, pearl bracelet and earrings. Estimated arrival is April 9, 2012.

On the Rocks, LE200 $89.99, fuchsia satin jumpsuit with leopard print coat with white organza collar and cuffs, and matching mules. Estimated arrival April 20, 2012.

The Glamour Set, open edition $39.99, includes a lamé scarf, sunglasses, handbag, and faux chewing gum, scaled for 2012 DeeAnna Denton.

Several open edition wigs are also planned for DeeAnna and Peggy for $39.99 each: Susan is a red/brown wig, and Bettie is a raven wig.


  1. Hi,

    I loved the old Deeanna & Peggy so much. She didn't need to be improved! Not too keen on the wiggs. However the fashions are fantastic. Just wish you had left her body as it was!

  2. I just purchased the I Love Deeanna doll and think she is perfect. That she can now wear other 16 in clothing is a real plus in my book. I am glad Robert made the changes. They are a big improvement over the old doll that I just could not warm up to,though I thought the outfits were great! I hope he will continue the line, it is perfection. The new outfits are wonderful!I already bought Bankers Ball, red Hot and hope to get the others.

  3. Were you able to pick up your dolls at the Tonner Doll sale? I saw some amazing prices on them there. I keep looking at Banker's Ball and am so tempted!

    Don't forget to add Peggy to your collection, too. I think she is just incredible. I have the Sunset Cocktails fashion and also DeeAnna's New Look, too. They are amazing!

  4. Does anyone know what size DeeAnna's head is? I'm looking for wigs to fit my 13cm/5-inch Shahti BJD, and AvantGuard wigs are too small, but stretchy Sybarite-size (non-Superdoll-brand -- haven't had a chance to try one of those) wigs will fit her. Since DeeAnna is a little bit larger, is her head size comparably bigger?

    If anyone has a wigged DeeAnna and can take a head-circumference measurement without the wig, I'd be greatly indebted -- I can't seem to find the measurement anywhere online.

    (Also, hi, Alison -- it's Ashbet!) :D

  5. Hi Ashbet--
    I think the current DeeAnna Denton wears a size 5/6. I have Nitey-Nite Peggy, and I measured her head. I think it's the same size as DeeAnna's--or close to it.

    Just FYI, and sorry if you already know this--editions dated through 2011--DeeAnna and Peggy used a larger 17" body. I think her head was slightly bigger as well. I think most of these dolls were sold with rooted hair (and rooted eyelashes, too), and if they were wigged, they weren't designed to be removed.


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