Thursday, November 8, 2012

Dreaming of dolls

In my book, Ball-Jointed Dolls for Beginners, I mention that dreaming about your first BJD is completely normal and to be expected. I have had many doll-related dreams in the past years, and I notice that with stress, my dreams about dolls seem to increase.

Last night, I had this very strange dream about Tonner Doll's Intriguing. I had a dream I took down her beautiful blue hair, which I threatened to do (much to Carolyn's dismay and horror) at our local doll meet. However, in my dream, when I took down her hair, only the front of Precarious' hair was blue--like it was painted somehow--and the rest was brunette. It was very strange.

Not only that, but I had totally ruined the style by taking it down. Since her hair was painted in front, there was no way to get it back in the original style--at least not by me.

It was a rather silly and unnerving dream.

About a doll.

I think I need more and better sleep.


  1. *grins*
    Or you could take down the doll's hair.


  2. You know--I think it might be your comment that caused this dream in the first place, LOL! ;) (I think it's destiny... now I'm going to have to take it down!)

  3. If worse came to worse and you did not like the doll after taking her hair down, you could always get in touch with Monica of Monica K. Star Dolls - the gal on Prego who does all those wonderful sci fi themed dolls, and have her redo the hair. She does it frequently, and the Pregoites rave about it.


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