Friday, November 9, 2012

Tonner Toys is shipping City Girls!

Tonner Toys has announced the following dolls as in stock and available for shipping. You can find them from Tonner Direct. Can I just say--look at their knees!

Basic Houston doll - $39.99 - she's my favorite.

Color Block Astor dressed doll - $49.99 - I love the bracelets!

Taxi! Billy dressed doll - $49.99

Deluxe Golden Swirl Astor - dressed doll - $59.99 - She reminds me a bit of Romantic Gold Precarious--and she's got earrings!

Cape Town fashion pack - $24.99 - Love this outfit!

Gray Haze fashion pack - $24.99 - This is something Cami would wear.

Networking fashion pack - $24.99 - Those polkadot hose are just killing me.

I might be mistaken, but I think I remember reading these girls would be able to share clothing with Ellowyne. Their waists look very small, however, and their knees and hands at least are very different. I'm excited to see them in person!

Photos are property of Tonner Toys.

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