Monday, November 19, 2012

Thankful for seriously coveting

Ah, yes, the time of year when we load up on turkey and other goodies, then sit back and hopefully give thanks.

This year, I am giving thanks for my friends in my doll club, the OCD, which is short for Obsessively Collecting Dolls.

This first entry belongs to Margaret, a lovely lady who has coined one of our favorite phrases, "Seriously covet." Something she manages to provoke just about every single meeting with her drop dead gorgeous dolls and outfits, such as this one.

Tonner's Au Naturale Ashleigh wearing Black Hills Doll Design

I "chided" Margaret for making me drool like a baby over this dress, and Margaret "chided" me in return for provoking her on a number of occasions to "seriously covet" dolls from my own collection.

"Seriously coveting" easy on the eyes, murder on the budget!

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