Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thankful for the mom

Another pair who help light up doll club meetings are mom and daughter, Kristi and Evelyn. Since I am more or less profiling each member one at a time, I will start with Kristi (mom) here, and pay tribute to daughter Evelyn on my own blog.

Kristi, like most of the OCD, is a multi talented lady. How she does so as the mom of two kids is a mystery - well, to me, anyway. I have problems managing being "meowmie" to three cats!

Kristi's kids, whom she does not have to run after
Perhaps I should back up and explain in a little more detail. Kristi manages to keep up with two lively children, her husband, her mother, who has recently moved closer to her AND manages to keep up with  full social schedules - her own, those of her children, her mom, and her husband - and does so all while looking great and keeping her spirits high and sense of humor intact. Plus, she collects, as you can see, all sorts of different dolls, which, as always, look fantastic.

How does she do it? I would be MOST thankful if she would share the secret!

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