Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thankful to be Obsessively Collecting Dolls!

Well, this wraps up the Thankful For posts here on Fashion Doll Review, at least for me. There is one more post on my own blog, Random Doll Blathering, which I will attend to once I am done here.

It's a short saga from a bunch of folks who knew and admired each other online, to actually getting together face to face. I knew Sonya, A Queen of All Trades, from the Yahoo! group we belong to, Cheery About Agnes Dreary. I mentioned that I lived (at the time) in Auburn, WA, and it turns out I lived under 5 miles away from her. We met up at one of the doll shows in Puyallup, and we really clicked.

Sonya mentioned we should get together again, and also meet some of the other folks who lived here in the state, whom she had known from Prego, and also knew from shopping at the local JoAnn Fabrics.

In February of 2011, the day after my birthday, we all gathered together at the regional library in Federal Way, and have been meeting there ever since, the second Sunday of the month!

On the right, in the pink top, is Sonya's Mini Me
Doll clubs are both fun, and something of a nuisance - fun, because you get together with, and talk dolls for a good portion of an afternoon, and a nuisance because of all the enabling! Dolls I never gave a second thought to, I VERY suddenly started to "seriously covet."

I keep teasing George Gonzalez of Angelic Dreamz about the undercover JamieShow sales reps he has sprinkled among our membership. We started out with Wil showing off his lovely JamieShow dolls, and the next thing you know,  three more members bought the dolls, and some of us want to catch up!

We have had our ups and downs, as most organizations tend to do, but the one thing we ALL have is friends who truly understand what it is to forever Obsessively Collect Dolls, although one member has suggested that we change it a little to Obsessively Covet Dolls.

My own personal joke is that if I were to win a big lottery, I would buy a nice parcel of land, build houses on it for the other members and myself, and we could start our own cult. We have enough "graven idols" to make it plausible, I think!

To Fashion Doll Review's American friends and readers, I wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving, and the hope that the calories got lost on their way to your extremities. To our overseas friends and readers, well, I will wish you to have as great a day as we are having here!

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  1. Good luck winning the lottery :-D

    A doll-collective would be super cool.


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