Monday, November 26, 2012

Toni's Collectibles Cyber Monday specials

Many pages of special deals on a variety of dolls are available from Toni's Collectibles, today only. 

Items appear to be listed at 30% off retail and more--and I see merchandise from Tonner Doll, Madame Alexander, Marie Osmond, Adora, Helen Kish, Lee Middleton, Xenis Collection, Heidi Plusczok, Kewpie, Integrity Toys (check the last page!) and more!

Toni offers free shipping on orders of $125 or more (excepting lay-away and international orders).


  1. I ordered the whole set of the three Misfits dolls from them last thursday and they still have not shipped them out to me on tuesday...
    The customer service is not great as they claim and their email responses are rather cold and unfriendly...

  2. Oooh--I'm so sorry to hear about this. I know Integrity just did a release on Thursday last week, and that it's just crazy for the dealers when that happens. (New Jem and Poppy Parker lines were released!) If I were you, I'd email them again, just to make sure they got everything OK! I've always been more than happy with their customer service--I'm sure they were just swamped.


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