Friday, February 1, 2013

Fan Vote 2012 Momoko

Fan Vote 2012 Momoko. Picture courtesy of Petworks/Sekiguchi.
Pictures of the Momoko Fan Vote Doll 2012 have just been released.  She sports carrot red hair, a mustard cardigan, long-sleeved shirt, charcoal shorts, bow tie, beret, socks, and half boots.  I have to say, I'm in love with that argyle print cardigan!

The specifications of Fan Vote Momoko are determined by Fun Room members of  This Momoko will be available at PetWORKs Store Global in the near future,
likely in February or March.  She costs 13,440 yen.

Want some special designs for you Momoko?  I provide lots of dolly attire.  Support an artist!  Visit my website (MegannArt) for an Etsy shop, Twitter, Facebook (with occasional discounts), Pinterest page, and much more.

Photo is property of PetWorks.

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