Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Tonner Doll Mainline Release: Celebrity and Film

Available for preorder, Tonner has announced the licensing agreement to the film Warm Bodies, and the production of two new dolls from the film, limited edition 1000, with delivery dates to be announced.

Above, it's R - $189.99. He uses the Nicholas Hoult head sculpt, lily skin tone (he's a zombie, after all), with blue eyes and a non-removable mink wig.

Below, we've got Julie - $179.99, who is based on Teresa Palmer. She's on a 16" Tyler body in the Tyler skin tone, with blue eyes.

Next, a surprise release from the movie A Christmas Story, Ralphie - $159.99 LE1000. He is on the 12" Harry Potter body and has a new Peter Billingsley headsculpt. He has blue eyes and molded blond hair, a red plaid shirt, off white sweater, and brown cords. Of course he includes his trademark brown glasses and a resin faux BB gun. He'll shoot his eye out! No promo photo is yet available, and delivery is TBA.

Then, also no promo photos or release date are available for Bella Cullen, LE 500 $189.99. She uses the Kristen Stewart head sculpt on a cameo Tyler body with golden brown eyes. She is wearing a black tee shirt, black jacket, stretch denim pants, black leg warmers, and black boots. She of course wears her wedding ring.

Scarlett, new from the Gone with the Wind collection - LE300 - $224.99 - ships 2/15/13. This dressed doll includes a red gown with black trim and red beads and a gold brooch.

Also announced, but no promo photo available, 22" Scarlett's Wedding Day - $399.99 LE300. Shipping TBA. She uses an American Model body in a white embroidered gown with lace trim, white slip, white gloves, faux pearl necklace, veil, and white satin pumps.

Glinda, the Good Witch™ is limited to 500 and retails for $249.99. She will ship on 2/22/13. SHe uses the Glinda sculpt with strawberry curls and blue eyes on a Tyler body. She has a gorgeous pink gown with star sequins and glitter, and a rhinestone brooch, a wand, crown, and pink glittering shoes.

Marilyn Monroe as Lois Laurel - $134.99 LE500 - Shipping TBA - Basic Marilyn doll on a Starlet body in a black bathing suit.

An outfit has also been released with shipping date to be announced - The Problem with Rose. $99.99 LE300.

Finally, a dressed Marilyn is also available: In a Dream, LE500 $199.99, also TBA for shipping.

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