Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Tonner Mainline Release - Patsy is back

Did you miss out on the last Patsy craze? 10" Patsy is back in a big way!

Above, it's Basic Patsy #2 Blonde with inset blue-green eyes, $89.99, and an open edition, and she's in stock at your favorite dealer now.

Basic Patsy #3 Redhead is also an open edition, $89.99, and will ship 2/22/13.

If auburn is more your style, check out Basic Patsy #4 Auburn, $89.99, with a shipping date to be decided. She has green inset eyes.

The raven is also adorable. Also TBA, Basic Patsy #5 Black has blue eyes and is $89.99. All dolls have the cameo skin tone and applied lashes.

Spend a little extra - $149.99 - for Patsy's Secret Garden - for this LE 300 dressed doll with brown hair and blue-green eyes. Her shipping is still TBA.

Pretty Party Patsy is also LE 300 and $139.99 with a TBA shipping date for this cute dressed doll.

Three limited edition 300 outfits are available--all dates are TBA, and all are $89.99. Above, Blustery Day.

 School Days outfit only

Cute as a Bug outfit

These dolls and outfits are available for preorder from your favorite Tonner dealer today.

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