Monday, February 4, 2013

Boater Ensemble Barbie announced

2013 Barbie Fan Club registration is two days away--February 6 for existing members--and the first official club doll is a pretty Silkstone girl called Boater Ensemble. Her retail is $85, and she's limited to one doll per member and 4500 pieces.

You'll also receive a free black dress form with your $24.95 registration. Other exclusives planned this year:

  • Black and White Collection™by Linda Kyaw, a new Platinum label series, Beaded Gown Barbie
  • Holiday Hostess Barbie
  • and one additional surprise doll
New members will be permitted to register beginning February 13 at 9 AM PST.

One note to our overseas readers: While international collectors may join the BFC, you must have a US or Canadian shipping address, as Mattel does not ship overseas. The shop does accept international credit cards, however, so if you can find a US shipping partner, you too can become a member.

Photo is property of Mattel.

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