Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Tonner Dolls - Cami & Jon, Antoinette and Precarious

Next, Tonner's release to the Cami & Jon line: Three new basic dolls have been released, and their delivery dates are to be announced. A new character has been introduced to the mix: Liu Liu.

All dolls retail for $124.99 and are limited to 500.

All Star Jon Basic (above) in Honey skin tone with brown eyes and chestnut wig
All Star Liu Liu Basic in Cameo skin tone with brown eyes and black wig
All Star Cami Basic in Cameo skin tone with blue/grey eyes and blonde wig (below)

Summer Swing is a dressed Cami in Cameo skin tone, with flame hair and brown painted eyes, LE 300, $169.99. Delivery is to be decided. Gosh, her bag is cute.

There are also four separate outfits available. First, A Day Away, LE 300 $99.99, TBA.

Purple Haze is a light purple ruffled dress with gold leather shoes and spiral jewelry, LE 300 $89.99, TBA.

Night Delight - LE300 $99.99 TBA. Green, orange and gold lace dress with ruffled bodice, belt, orange tights, gold bracelets, rhinestone earrings and gold shoes.

All Star Business - LE 300 $99.99 TBA - tan and black skirt, star bodysuit, red jacket, red belt, black platforms.

Next, additions to the Antoinette collection: Savage Basic Antoinette is LE400, $109.99, delivery TBA. She is in the cameo skin tone with hazel eyes and rooted brown hair.

Fanciful outfit - LE200 $149.99 TBA - This lovely blue/purple iridescent dress has a semi-open back and has beaded flowers on the front bodice. It includes a petticoat, matching shoes and earrings.

Enticing outfit - LE200 $99.99 TBA - Gold lamé dress with sequined overlay and feathered skirt, glittering shoes and tights. I love it!

Last but not least, to the slim fashion girls collection, it's Precarious. Think Pink Basic is a blonde wigged doll in a pink bodysuit with brown eyes and applied lashes. She is limited to 500, retails for $124.99, and her delivery is TBA.

Tamed is limited to 300 and retails for $199.99, also TBA on delivery. She wearing a non-removable brown wig with painted green eyes, green velvet bodysuit, jacket and skirt, necklace, green tights and faux leather shoes.

These dolls are available for pre-order from your favorite Tonner Dealer.

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