Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Tonner American Model releases

Two new basic American Models have been released, and two new gorgeous outfits. The outfits are killing me. All items have shipping dates to be announced.

American Model Glamour Basic Too is LE250 $224.99. She is in the cameo skin tone with blue inset eyes and a brown removable wig. She includes a pink lingerie set.

American Model Vintage Basic is LE 250 and $249.99. No promo photo is available yet, but she also has blue eyes and came skin tone. She has a light brown wig, white bodysuit with pink brocade corset, dotted swiss cropped pants with lace and ribbon trim, tights and pink shoes.

One dressed American Model has been added to the DC Comics line- 22" Poison Ivy - she's limited to 300 and retails for $349.99. She is in the Wicked skin tone with inset green eyes and flame hair, and has a pretty amazing outfit.

Moonlight Waltz reminds me of an Evangeline Ghastly outfit. I love it. It's limited to 150 and it retails for $224.99. It includes just the outfit--an off-white dress with lace overlay and ruffle trim, black sash and bow with rhinestones, black gloves and matching choker, feather hair decoration, and taffeta shoes. The wig is also included.

Charming Lady (I'm a sucker for these historical gowns) is a gorgeous blue jacket and skirt with white lace and black ribbon trim, with white petticoat and boots. It include a mink wig as well. This outfit is limited to 100 and retails for $224.99.

These outfits pretty much fit my Absolute Beauty Peak's Woods dolls perfectly. Hence--there goes the budget! ;)

You can get a great deal on preorders (plus lay-away) from Carol at Dreamcastle Dolls.

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