Monday, February 11, 2013

New Barbies: Wizard of Oz

As shown on the site, there are three new Barbie related to the Wizard of Oz available for preorder. It looks like you can order them now, and they will deliver on May 24, 2013.

Another set of Oz dolls, you ask? What's the big deal? Well, these have been designed by Linday Kyaw, and they actually have fairly good (according to their promo photos) celebrity likenesses. Click on the links to go to the individual pages. (My paranoia about posting Barbie-licensed images is getting to me, just a little.)

Wicked Witch of the West - in the likeness of Margaret Hamilton (she includes a broom)
Glinda the Good Witch - in the likeness of Billie Burke (she has a crown and wand)
Dorothy - in the likeness of Judy Garland (she has a basket with Toto and her ruby red slippers)

The dolls are pink label and retail for $34.95.

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