Thursday, January 8, 2015

Adorned Vanessa Perrin


This is Adorned Vanessa Perrin - she uses the Vanessa 3.0 sculpt, and is one of favorite dolls from the latest Integrity Toys convention (and the only one I've picked up). I loved the centerpiece Vanessa (1.0) doll, too, but she was a little pricey for my taste.

Her gown is lovely, though I'm not usually a fan of accentuating the articulation points of a doll, which is what often happens with super low necklines. The chiffon cape attaches to the dress in the back with a tiny button and two tiny magnetic clips at the shoulder, which I could not get working--but I often have a hard time with buckling shoes. No big surprise there.

Vanessa's auburn hair is probably really pretty when brushed out--but this is her right out of the box. I think it's meant to be a long Farrah Faucett style. I love her blue eyes with this look.


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  1. Your review is spot on. If you do brush her hair out, please share the picture. I'm always hesitant to change a doll from its original state; who knows whether it will be an improvement or look worse?

    Her hair color is not something I've seen for FR dolls, and she has a very interesting face, so I did pick her up, too, and she sits right next to my computer right now. :-)

    It seemed that I was in a distinct minority in liking the fashions from the convention. The '70s looks were a fun divergence from what we normally see.


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