Friday, January 9, 2015

Runway Right Away Vanessa Perrin

Runway Right Away

Another grail doll from my collection, and a new addition from last year: Runway Right Away Vanessa Perrin. She uses the original Vanessa sculpt, and she's been given a new updated body, which unfortunately needs to be replaced. (As you can see, her hands have faded a little.)

Her hair has been rinsed, I think, from its original style, but I think it still looks pretty good. I'd love to restyle it somehow. This is a great color for Vanessa, in my opinion. I always see her as a redhead!

Runway Right Away


  1. Definitely can see why you sought her out. The gowns are part of the reasons I like the FR line, but it's good to mix in some casual but elegant looks, too. The jacket/bustier/jeans looks is great; I could have done without the zipper in the front as the end seems big. Love her face and the tousled hair.

    1. It might help if the bustier fit this body a bit better. :) It's designed for the original FR body, I think (or one of the earlier ones), and she's on a taller one. But I'd agree!


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