Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Diana Prince - Undercover


This Tonner Doll is called Undercover and is from the new Diana Prince collection. She's a blonde Tyler 2.0 sculpt on a 16" Fit body, and I'm really quite pleased with her. Her outfit is great, too--white slacks, sequined tank top, a belt, necklace, earrings, bag and faux fur trimmed coat.

I think it's cute that when Wonder Woman goes Undercover, she wears all white, with sparkles and fur!



  1. While I realize Diana is undercover, I'm not a fan of her (in concept) as a blonde, much less one with that tightly pulled back hairstyle. This outfit was a winner, and I was fortunate enough to find it off the doll for a good price. Right now Abbe Lane is wearing it.

    I couldn't pass up the Diana Prince line entirely, though, so I opted for Princess of Paradise Island. The outfit is stunning with its soft, romantic draping and gorgeous -- and plentiful! -- jewelry. Even the headband is removable; it doesn't even come in the hair. Her long hair styled in ringlet is just beautiful, as is her face. I haven't redressed her yet because I just love this look. I'm so glad I waited instead of buying the basic doll.

    1. Oooh--do you have photos somewhere? I'd love to see! I almost always purchase Tyler as a brunette or raven, so that's why I went blonde this time. (Plus, my 16" collection is lacking blondes these days.)

      I am actually considering taking the ponytail down--I think it would soften her face so much. I'd rather mess with her hair than Adorned's--since I kind of like Vanessa's the way it is. :) I'll let you know if I do! (Every time I walk by the cabinet, Tyler is calling to me!)

    2. I tend to favor brunettes, too! They tend to feel more dramatic to me, but it's good to mix in blondes and redheads. :-)

      To see the Princess of Paradise Island, you're better off going to the Tonner website ( than me posting pictures. That's a skill I'm still trying to work on!

    3. I've seen her on Tonner's site--I was hoping to see IRL photos. :) I will just wait for you to "improve" enough to post, LOL! My one piece of advice: as long as it's digital, take hundreds of photos when you first start, and keep 1/100. I still try to do that. If it's at all blurry, throw it away. It's how you learn--not that I'm an expert or anything, but you get better quite quickly, the more you have to edit!


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