Thursday, January 15, 2015

New release from Wilde Imagination

Heart & Soul Ellowyne
Lots of new basic dolls, dressed dolls and outfits were released yesterday at Wilde Imagination's website. I'm noticing a lot of ruffles, chiffon, lace and sequins this time around. You can check them out yourself here, and here is my own list of highlights:

To the Ellowyne Wilde collection:

  • three new basic Ellowyne dolls, available as a set for $227, or individually for $89, in wigged blonde, inset blue eyes, wigged brunette, inset amber eyes, and wigged flame red, inset green eyes.
  • ten new vinyl dressed dolls, ranging from $175-189. Half of the dolls are still waiting for actual photos, but I notice a new character, Penn--Ellowyne's new boyfriend, coming soon. Lizette and Prudence are also coming soon. My favorite (so far) is the adorable Heart & Soul (LE500 $175) in pink.
  • one new resin doll, Decadent Daydream Two, LE125 $475. No photo is yet available, but she includes interchangeable green eyes, a strawberry wig, and a ruffled lingerie set.
  • two new outfits for $89 each.
New basic Ellowyne trio
To the Evangeline Ghastly collection:
  • one new wigged basic doll, Dancing Moon, $149.
  • a new character Angelique (new to me, at least) in Evening Angel, LE300 $229. I think this doll is just gorgeous.
  • a new Mortimer, Mortimer's Day Off, LE100 $225. He will ship February 2.
  • Parnilla in Time to Go, LE350 $219.
  • one new resin Evangeline, Dark Smile, LE125 $495.
  • three new dressed vinyl Evangelines, LE300-350, priced $219-229.
  • nine new outfits, ranging from $49-115.
  • two new wigs and one new hat
To the Amelia Thimble collection:
  • two new dressed dolls (Hamish and Amelia), $180-199.
  • two new outfits, $55 each
To the Sad Sally collection:
Evening Angel Angelique

Photos are property of Wilde Imagination.

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