Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Latest Steffie project...

I received a fun little package today from Belgium, containing at least one European exclusive Steffie. Above, it's Princess Laura (sold as Jewel Secrets Whitney in the US). I've been wanting to add this doll to my next Steffie book, and I'm thrilled to have her in my collection.

In addition, I received what I believe is a California Dream Midge, also from Europe. She has aqua eyes instead of the US green. I know Cool Times Midge has a similar color eye in the US release, but her lips are a pale pink, and her hair is different--she has full bangs and a little more curl.

As you can see, both dolls needs a little work, but that's easy enough to do. Additionally, there are two fashions included with the dolls which I also don't recognize. I'm really excited to get started!


  1. I think Midge's animal print blazer came with a royal blue designer gown, Oscar de la Renta. Neither the golden halter top, nor the boots look familiar.

  2. Great additions to your Steffies! And they come from my country, they will enjoy their new home I'm sure :-).


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