Monday, March 7, 2011

Details on Lavin, from Peak's Woods

Lavin full set, property of Peak's Woods
A limited edition of ten (yes, that's 10!) full-sets of Lavin, Fairy of Lavender, will be released on March 12-20, 2011, as a celebration of this lovely sculpts new release.

Lavin makes her first appearance in your choice of white or normal skin with your choice of regular or large bust, and includes the following items:
  • Lavin, complete doll (strung)
  • Dress, hat, socks and bear accessory
  • Limited face-up
  • Extra pair of hands
  • Pair of 16 mm purple acrylic eyes
  • Wig shown in the promo photos
  • Cushions
  • Certificate of authenticity
She is a Fairy of Color (58 cm), and she doesn't include shoes. I adore her. (Eeek! Those are kitties dancing on the piano of her skirt!!) I think she's simply gorgeous.

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