Monday, March 28, 2011

Skiya, your first BJD?

Skiya, originally uploaded by alington.
It's my personal belief that everyone needs to have a doll in her (or his) collection that she (or he!) simply falls in love with, swoons over, and truly loves and adores. Whether he or she be a grail doll, an amazing treasure, a terrific bargain find, or a precious gift, this doll should occupy a special place in your heart.

Myself, the rather wishy-washing, waffling collector I am, have come upon this realization rather slowly. But, upon taking a few photos today, I am realizing the importance of this special doll.

I have several candidates. This photo is my first: She is Peak's Woods Skiya, a Christmas gift from my husband. She was nearly my first BJD ever, but I fell for Sky instead (whom I also love and adore). She is very different from my other Peak's Woods girls, in that she is nearly cheerful. She has a downright pleasant look on her face, in fact.

Plus, it is very hard to take an unflattering photo of this doll, even with my lack of skill in the photography department and my husband's rented lens (oh--it's a dream lens. But even the best of equipment...).

I usually don't care for overly pink make-up, and Skiya has a face-up like cotton candy--pink, pink, pink--and I adore it. She can wear styles from rococo and regency to Lolita and contemporary. (More photos coming soon!) She's versatile and simply perfect.

At any rate--if you're considering falling for a face, let me recommend Skiya to you. She's near the top of my list. (Today, anyway!)

Close-up of Skiya's gorgeous face. I love her eye lashes.
Skiya in Rococo. A great look for her.


  1. Your photo is so lovely! Her eyes just speak to me!

  2. To me, she is saying, "I want to come home with you!" ;)

  3. she is gorgeous!!! my grail doll is pullip purezza. i understand you when you say that we need to have a grail doll. Kisses Sil

  4. As you know, I almost sold my Skiya a short while ago, thank heavens I didn't. She was my first love when it comes to BJDs and I'm happy to say I've fallen in love with her all over again in the last few weeks. :o)

  5. She is just stunningly pretty :) I wish I could get on with BJDs but the fact that they're cold to touch puts me off :) I can still enjoy the lovely photos though :)

  6. Hi there, I've found your blog very interesting and personal, hope you don't mind me leaving a message here since my blogs are mostly on spanish to try to span the "doll-love" though my country (Argentina) where this hobby it's somehow "very uncommon"... ^__^'

    I too think we all must have "that special doll", in my case it's my "human Starscream"

    ,he it's a "Teo" BuddyDoll head (back when they had their own website), matched with a 5-part-torso

    and jointed hands

    from DikaDoll (my mother made he's clothing and I did the makeup-face-up).
    And actually it was the first approach I had to a BJD, so he was somehow my "first BJD" at home (even though it was only a head at the time and I already had tons of 1/6 scale dolls and action figures).

    I'm on my late 20's and no husband and no kids, so basically if I want something I had to buy it myself or make it myself, this was my first painting on a face, and I still love it even if it's not one of my finest works (I was just getting starting).

    Your girl has a gorgeous makeup, and let me say it out loud, her eyes are simply stunning!, I honestly can see why you felt for her! n__n

    At very least let me recommend the jointed hand from DikaDoll if you haven't try them yet, they have many types and colors, fitting every need and they give a very realistic touch to any doll, you can check them here:

    Thanks for reading my unusual ramblings, I've also saw the video your friend did for your collection and you have a lovely collection!!!

    Hope you keep on collecting such beautiful dolls!!!


  7. My current love, of course, the Mintie I traded with you. She "speaks" to me every time I see her.


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