Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Special status of dolly dollars.

Can someone please tell me what's up with dolly dollars? They seem to have magical qualities within my regular house budget. Let me share their "magical" traits with you:
  • If there are any dolly dollars in my Paypal account, they seem to magically disappear almost as soon as they arrive--regardless of their intended destination. 
  • They seem to frequently be pre-spent a month or two ahead of time. I might as well call "pre-ordering" "pre-spending."
  • If I bring any cash to a doll show, it seems imperative that I leave with no bills in my wallet. Hopefully I won't have to pay for parking on my way out!
  • Even when I sell dolls to pay for others--I rotate my collection pretty frequently--those dollars seem to be spent even before I get a chance to think about how to spend them!
  • I have a doll budget, with planned pre-orders and my doll "allowance" per month, and what my estimated costs will be, planned out for the entire year. Even this doesn't seem to help me.
  • When I pre-order dolls, I try to treat them as lay-aways, and set aside or pay them off early when possible. This year hasn't been a great success, however, thanks to a giant Peak's Woods order I placed. 
  • I have a list of BJDs, sorted by priority and the maximum I want to pay, and I won't buy a BJD that isn't on that list first. Well, unless I find a really good deal. (That's my problem, I suppose!)
It's simply ridiculous. I'm a grown woman. I can budget for household expenses. I can budget my four children and make sure they get their allowance each week. I can feed us. We make plenty of money--especially compared to the rest of the world.

And here I am, complaining about a doll budget? It's just silly. (It occurs to me here that perhaps it isn't the dolly dollars themselves that have the problem... perhaps it might have something to do with me.) 

(... moment of reflection...)

Oh, no. Of course not! That would be too easy! ;)


  1. This made me sit laughing like and idiot! It's funny because it's true :)

  2. Whew! I'm glad I'm not the only one! ;)

  3. And here I was thinking I had a unique problem. :)

  4. You're not the only one. I buy accessories for dolls and sets all the time. Just enjoy or go to therapy.

  5. LOL! You're not the only one^_~


  6. This is so me! I am already trying to figure out how next month's budget can possibly work, since I already prespent a good deal of it. I can't possibly cut my food budget anymore or I am going to start showing up on Unicef commercials.


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