Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Set sale on TonnerDirect, starts tomorrow - and a quick math lesson

First, a quick announcement that tomorrow, March31, 2011, beginning at noon EST, TonnerDirect will be having a special sale on five sets of dolls. Some are current dolls at less than retail, and some are hard to find from older collections, so you may want to check them out. Free shipping (or an international $9.95 shipping credit) is also being offered, with the promo code 2011SETS (or 2011SETSINT).

Here they are:

13" Women of Power includes Wonder Woman, Super Girl and Artemis of Bana Migddall. If you've been wanting to try the 13" Revlon doll, these might be a good opportunity for you. Retail $420, sale 20% off, plus an additional 20% off gives you a super sale price of $

LOTR Elven Gift Set includes Legolas Greenlef and Galadriel. Regular price is $320, set price is discount 20%. With the additional 20% off, and free shipping, it's on sale for $205.99.

Ladies of Oz set includes all three Antoinette-bodied friends of Dorothy: Beauty & Brains, Hear Me Roar and Heart on My Sleeve. $590 retail, sale is 20%, plus additional 20% off at $377.99.

Twillight New Moon set includes Bella's Birthday, Distant Devotion Edward and Alice Cullen. Retail is $420, sale 20% off, plus an additional 20% off gives you a super sale price of $269.99.

Finally, Clash of the Titans includes both Andromeda and Pereus. They retail for $410, and are discounted for the set and an addition 20% for a sale price of $263.99.

Now, I have to point something annoying out from Tonner's email. It says, and I quote:

Debuts Brand New Gift Sets...
... at 40% OFF!
Now, excuse me for being finicky, but let's sit down together to work on the math problem of the week, using the Clash of the Titans set as our example:

Regular price = $410
20% discount for set price = $328
Plus an additional 20% discount = $264

Now, let's see what an actual 40% discount looks like:

Regular price = $410
40% discount = $246

Wha?? That's an $18 difference! What the hell? That's a 10% lay-away payment!

Now listen. Just because your budget may be completely trashed doesn't mean your math skills necessarily have to be!

Actually, it's considered "moderately easy," according to eHow. It should be taught at least by sixth grade. You can get a little refresher here.

(Pardon my snotty remarks. They are meant to be "math humor." My mother taught math for elementary school teachers (till she retired), and Dad is an engineer. We talked math at the dinner table.) ;)

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