Monday, March 28, 2011

Magnificent Monogram

Magnificent Monogram, originally uploaded by alington.
From Integrity Toys' Monogram line, this is Magnificent. She is my first Monogram, if you can believe it.

In the box, upon opening her, I have to confess I was disappointed. I thought her face very cold, her eyes were set to wide, and her disdain was almost too much. I almost didn't remove her from the box! But I had to keep her gown, so I had to debox. (Plus is was raining, and what else calls you to deboxing dolls like a rainy day?)

After taking her out of the box, it occurred to me she is more like a mannequin than a character, and I really have become attached. Plus, with her jewelry, and her giant closed lips, she is pretty fantastic--cool, calculating, haughty look and all. I think she's pretty darn cool.

I think she's going to be staying for quite a while.

Capture of Magnificent's gown from the rear.
Could use some pressing. But really--shouldn't I do my own clothes first? 
Who wouldn't be able to identify with her expression?
This photo will enlarge (I hope) if you click on it. Check out her left fingers.

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