Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Adding a French manicure or pedicure to your doll.

This technique works well with resin BJDs or vinyl dolls--I've done both. It's more permanent on vinyl, when you seal, so just be careful that you like the effect first. You'll want to start with a clean, blushed (if applicable) and sealed (with Mr Superclear, if she's resin) doll.

  • Sharpened water color pencils (white, maybe pink or nude also)
  • Very fine brush (#1)
  • Liquitex gloss medium or Tamiya X-22 gloss
  1. If the doll is very small, you'll only need the white pencil. For larger dolls, you may need or want an additional shade.
  2. Drag the side of the white pencil along the edge of the toenail for the perfect moon shape. To add more dimension on larger toes, you can add a tiny bit of pink or nude to the base of the nail.
  3. For the hands, repeat the process. Use the sculpt of the hands and nails as your guide. Wipe off any excess with a paper towel. Remember, this is a watercolor pencil, so it will all wipe clean with water at this point. Add pink or nude to the base of the nail for larger hands, if desired.
  4. When you're happy with your results, seal them with a thin coat (on the nails only) with the gloss medium. Wipe off the tip of the brush if you need to, first, so you don't drip on the rest of the doll's hands or feet.
  5. Let dry. Vinyl usually takes longer to dry than resin, so don't rush.
Click on the photos to enlarge.
Clean, blushed feet, before the pedicure.
Clean, blushed hand, before the manicure.
Result of dragging the pencil across the left toenails.
Closer view of toes.

Fingers before adding Liquitex gloss.
Small brush with Liquitex sealer.
Finished toes, sealed.
Finished fingers, sealed.


  1. Eeek. Sorry to those of you who caught my accidental and horrible typo that my spell check didn't catch early on the word "add." Yikes!

  2. would this work on barbie as well?


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