Wednesday, March 2, 2011

How you know you have a BJD problem...

Duplicates, originally uploaded by alington.

It's when you have to dedicate one of your doll display shelves to a "sisters" display. Let me explain:

From left to right: Claudine Belmont (Peak's Woods Goldie with a Val Zeitler face-up), normal skin Goldie (with a factory face-up), white skin Goldie (with an unknown face-up), normal skin Mintie (older style factory face-up), and another Mintie (current style factory face-up).

OK, so the point of owning BJDs is... well, frankly, just having one of each sculpt, so you can redress, rewig and put new eyes in them, and make them into different dolls each time. You shouldn't need two or three of the same sculpt.

I'm in the middle of writing a book about BJDs, and my total lack of practicing what I preach is suddenly making me very self conscious! I think I'll change the tone of the book somewhat. It will be more like, "What NOT to do in BJD collecting." ;)



  1. Nah, the title should be "Do What You Love and the Dollies Will Follow." You've got each of these dolls looking so distictive that I had to look closer to really see the same sculpts. Yeah, customizing is great stuff, which is precisely why you can have the same basic doll several times and still end up with a unique, ooak doll each and every time.

    There, I'm aiding and abetting! Go forth and buy multiples!

  2. Noooo!!!! Absolutely no aiding and abetting. It's certainly NOT why I set up this blog. ;)

    Plus, my husband might read it, and then how would I explain myself? Just kidding!

    However, I suspect the reason you had a hard time determining which sculpts were the same might have been because of the blurry photo. ;)

  3. I have four CustomHouse Choas. White skin, normal skin, tanned skin and a normal skin Prayer Choa. And should the opportunity arise to get hold of any other Choa variations, such as Tanned Prayer Choa or elf-eared Choa, I will try my hardest to accquire her. Why Choa? She is beautiful, but there are other girls as beautiful, if not more. She "speaks" to me. And my favourite boy BJD will not accept any other girl-I have tried him with Elfdoll, Peakswoods, Volks... He resists them all, even to the point of knocking one over (I swear this is true!) I have five male dolls, and they are all by different companies and I am happy with that, but all the girls are Choa. :)

  4. Fran, well, at least it's easier for you to decide which ones you want then! :)

    LOL about your boy knocking them over! ;)


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