Thursday, March 17, 2011

My Steffie Obsession

The Steffie shelf
While we're going through all the weird things about me as a collector, I thought I'd take a moment to dip my toes into what has become a massive Steffie obsession.

Goddess of Asia
DOTW Spain
I wish I could be one of those collectors who adores vintage barbies (I love them), or just collects BJDs (my BJD collection is getting more narrow, but it's growing too rapidly), or the collector who likes only a particular type or brand of doll (Fashion Royalty or Poppy Parker). But unfortunately, I have my hand in too many pots.

One of these pots has grown to the size of a witch's cauldron and includes the Steffie sculpt. I love her. Vintage, 1980s or new. I love them all. I like that she has been used in so many skin tones, and that she varies so much. Allow me to take a moment and share my irrational collection with you.

A few grails on my list include:

Sweet Roses PJ
Top Model Summer
Assignment Hair
1972 Busy Steffie
1972 Busy Talking Steffie
1972 Walk Lively Steffie
1973 Yellowstone Kelly
1974 Ballerina Cara
1974 Free Moving PJ
1974 Quick Curl Cara
1975 Hawaiian Barbie
1975 Deluxe Quick Curl PJ
1975 Free Moving Cara
1976 Deluxe Quick Curl Cara
1978 Fashion Photo PJ
1978 Sun Lovin' Malibu Christie
1979 Parisian Barbie
1979 Hispanic Barbie
Malibu PJ
1980 Golden Dreams Christie
Walk Lively Miss America
1982 Dream Date PJ
1982 Pink & Pretty Christie
1982 Tracy Bride
1983 Irish DOTW
1983 Sun Gold Mailbu PJ
1985 Peruvian DOTW
1986 German DOTW
1986 Feelin' Groovy Barbie
1980s era Whitney dolls ( a few of them, and I'd need to see their outfits first)
1992 Peruvian DOTW
1996 Oshogatsu Barbie
2004 Paul Frank Barbie
2004 Modern Circle Simone (evening wear and make-up artist)
Modern Circle Simone
AA Birthstone Barbie Emerald and Diamond

Oh, and of course, I'll have to add the Tokidoki Barbie (a Steffie with pink hair!) this year. And I have a very good condition blonde Miss America on her way to me soon.

Barbie Basic Jeans, Model 3.0
What do you think? Am I missing any essential Steffies on this list? My daughters have both Hello Kitty dolls and My Melody Barbie. Leave me a comment if there's a favorite of yours that I don't have listed yet. (I may already have her.) :)


  1. Yeah, I really get it now. The Steffie face is awesome! I'm intensely jealous of your AA Magic Curl Barbie, btw. That one is hard to acquire!

  2. I have a 1996 American Stories Barbie with Blue feather baby. Can you tell me what face she has? I can identify a student by how they stand and walk but the littgle Barbies all look alike.

  3. FairyKukla, Magic Curl was a very fortunate find for me (NRFB, even--she has all of her accessories, too!), on eBay. :)

    Cherokee_Sunshine, if you're talking about the Barbie in the set, she is actually a Superstar face, I believe. Many dolls from 1976 (I think?) through the early 1990s used this face sculpt. She looks different depending on her face paint--and really, is who I think of when I think of Barbie, since I was a kid in the 1980s and had quite a few of her (Crystal Barbie, Dream Date and Peaches 'N Cream). I'm not the Barbie expert, but it's what I guessed from basic Internet research. ;) HTH!

  4. I really love the Steffie facemould but only have one so far! (A bald malibu barb waiting for a root and a new jointy body!) Here in the uk we never really had any released but discovering her as an adult she's definitely one of my favourites. :) Seeing your list is sooo great as I am now googling for images like crazy. I really am gonna have to get that curly haired barbie basic Steffie... she is just TOO adorable...


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